My Thunderbird Reminder

It was a dark and stormy night.  Sorry couldn’t resist.

So what inspired Finding my Creature?…To be perfectly honest with you  I had no plans whatsoever to maintain a blog in any shape or form until I heard the words “we wish to publish your book.”

But then I was vacuumed into hell. Yes, hell. I got a job for 2 weeks and hated it. I didn’t realise how much the thought of going to work made me feel sick and miserable until I no longer worked there. I won’t go into the exact details here because I don’t want to spread the negativity and toxic poison of that work environment here…but what I want to mention is this.

As soon as I walked out of those doors I felt something shift. It was as clichéd as the stars aligning and I saw something…limitless possibilities. Even though I moved here to embrace new opportunities I was ignoring a very important one, like say, my dreams. So I guess this was the sign I was searching for…a reminder. It is so easy to get lost in the craziness of moving to another country.

The whole point of moving to the other side of the world was for 3 important things..

1)      Finish my book

2)      Create

3)      Discover

Yet, somehow I managed to let work kill that. That will never happen again for this creature has now gained perspective. A job is just a job here and not my life or my career. So naturally the next thing to do was to go shopping.

I knew I needed something, a reminder, a gift to myself so I will never lose that perspective again.

So I found my perfect ring, handcrafted in silver by local First Nations designer Victoria Harper. Different animals hold specific meanings for tribes here…and I needed to find one which fitted where I am in life right now.

Sales Assistant: “Butterflies and hummingbirds are so popular with girls!” *Insert manic grin*

Me: *Groan*

So to give you a little understanding as to why I reacted that way…

Butterfly:  The butterfly is a symbol of balance and harmony. In Haida stories the Butterfly leads the Raven to food sources and discovers the hiding places of treasure and luck. This colourful creature is also the symbol of grace and beauty.

Me:  This creature is too erratic to have any semblance of balance. Does not know how to lead anyone to food sources let alone feed herself. Loves to wear black and shades of grey and finds herself tripping constantly, usually in the presence of large gatherings.

Hummingbird: Joyful messengers who represent peace, affection and good fortune. The hummingbird is a living rainbow that captures sunlight and turns it into a jewel on its wings, signifying love, beauty and healing.

So clearly, I’m not a capturing rainbows kind of person so I don’t need to elaborate anymore there… my writing tends to lean towards dark fantasy and at times, well, morbid.

Then I read this.

Thunderbird: Thunderbird possesses supernatural power and is credited for creating storms. When he blinks, lightning comes out of his eyes, and when he flaps his wings, thunder roars. It hunts and eats whales by using the two lightning snakes kept under his wings.

It took me a while to process this. I was horrified at first that this creature would hunt killer whales…one of my favourite First Nations stories. But after spending a solid 2 hours…I realised I was constantly being drawn towards that ring… It makes sense come to think of it…I have always been drawn to fantasy creatures from a different realm, I love to shock in my writing and I am drawn to the more darker and paranormal aspects of most things

So psycho whale killing bird it is.

And I love it!!!

I see it on my finger and I know that what I’m meant to do.

Write a story that the world will one day read.

Love and Light



3 thoughts on “My Thunderbird Reminder

  1. I’m so interested in what you’re up to Nush! Can’t wait for this book of yours. I guess you’re not sharing what it’s about. Good for you love!

    Gosh, how our life changes in the span of a few years xxx

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