Almost time to cut!

The body that is. Okay.. that’s my morbid sense of humor kicking in (that no one else finds funny).

So revision for me is a new beast. Writing the first draft comes so easily to me. I can normally churn something that makes me wonderfully happy and completely deranged at the same time out in 6 weeks with nothing other than a vague story line and assorted  ‘candy bar scenes’ (scenes I am dying to write) to guide me.  Obviously(or not so obvious to those who do not write), my seat-of-the-pants approach to writing kind of leaves my first draft resembling something  along the lines of a gruesome massacre. How so incredibly lovely.

So revision.

It’s a love-hate relationship for me.  Love because I know that I will be transforming my manuscript into the story I want it to be..and hate because the current story is nothing like the story I wanted to tell in my head (Ah my head.. what a strangely, wonderful and at times morbid place to be). It’s a beautiful relationship nonetheless and one I am learning from immensely. Which brings me to this..

After months of  note-taking and figuring out what it is I do have in regards to characters/themes/plots etc…I’m almost ready to get the scalpel and begin some major rewrites. I’m only going to do one major rewrite/revision and that’s it.. so I will be doing this properly ONCE so I don’t butcher and wreck my story by doing it multiple times. So I have to say I’m quite excited to finally pull this manuscript apart by the seams and transform it into sparking manuscript I want.

However when I’m excited about things I procrastinate. So here I am drinking bad coffee and updating a blog I thought I would never commit to.

But I have my deadline, so I won’t be procrastinating for ever.

Just one more cup of bad coffee…

Ps- Also wondering if drinking a cup of green tea cancels out the effects of drinking horrendously bad instant coffee???

My head says yes.

Love and Light

That strange creature xx


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