Red Lipstick and Girl with One Eye

So I was cleaning today. For those of you who don’t me, I am extremely domestically challenged and the fact that have voluntarily committed myself to such chores is in fact…a miracle.

However, as I contemplated how one locates a mop and broom in this apartment building I was struck by a creative buzz of lightning. At first though I wasn’t sure what was happening. One minute I was listening to Florence and the Machine and the next thing I know I get butterflies in the pit of my stomach and goosebumps begin to rise and I wonder if I am in the presence of some eerie ghost. Intrigued, I replayed the song that affected me so and I listened carefully to the lyrics of Girl with One Eye and it stirs something deep within me, a forgotten and dormant story…one I started a few months ago and abandoned because I had a lot going in my life and I wasn’t quite sure what the premise of this story was. But the lyrics drew me in, the voice, the instrumentals…everything.  Next thing I know I am transported into a different world and witness flashes of relentless rain, injured feathered creatures, an innocent apprentice and a battle.

So another story tugs at my soul, a completely different world and set of characters. A completely different style…

It begins..

Love and Light xx

ps- In regards to the red lipstick reference in my title…it’s my muse. When I need to get some serious writing done, the red lipstick comes out and the world I am surrounded by no longer exists.



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