Something a little different…

I don’t know how I stumbled across author Rachel Aaron’s blog but her post 12 days of glory got me thinking…and thinking. By nature, I am a very fast writer and able to churn out a first draft in 6 weeks. I also don’t like to plan that much, but I have a feeling I’m going to inject a little bit more attention in that department in the future! Especially since my first ever ‘serious revision’ is opening my eyes to the benefits of research and planning. Interesting to see how the muse will take it, but I have the feeling it is up to the challenge.

Before I plunge/drown/die back into the grueling revision journey in April I plan on creating something new to keep my creative juices flowing rather than in a slumbering hiatus. I’m also going to use this opportunity as an experiment to try something different.  I am going to attempt to plot the entire book (as much as I can without killing my muse anyway) and keep count of my daily word count, writing hours, location so I can see how productive this creature really is.  I am also (fingers crossed) going to make this manuscript the cleanest written one yet. Ambitious I know, but this project is giving my a little happy high. Why people do drugs I have no idea. 

Writing a first draft in 12 days sounds insane, but clearly doable if one isn’t submerged to the neck in an intensive acting course as well. But this post has opened my eyes to the benefits of keeping track of your productivity and that is something I hope to embrace with this story.

So hello plotting, how do you do? I like your shoes. 

Love and light xx



2 thoughts on “Something a little different…

  1. ‘Why people do drugs I have no idea’
    Great thought, and I know what you mean. Writing can be quite the natural high.
    Your project sounds super exciting, and I have to admit part of me is a bit jealous. I love the idea of writing another first draft, with plotting this time!
    Happy writing! 🙂

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