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Causes like this make my heart flutter with happiness. Read a children’s book online for free and help support the Asia Foundation’s  Books for Asia Program!

I’m reading When it’s Time to Eat  in Tinga Tinga Tales...what did you read?

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Life Loves

I can’t believe it took me so long to discover this place! Since I love to explore places near and far I decided I’m going to make an effort to post more photographs on this blog, to shake things up a bit!


Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia

On a revision related note, I spent time today reading the first chapter of my manuscript to try and ‘experience’ what it would be like for a reader. It’s definitely one of the more cleaner parts of the draft and I can’t wait for the rest of it to flow like that. I also got out my special notebook intended for Project_Graveyard related notes, scribbles, musings etc. and thought out some alternative story arcs which made me quite excited because it sparked other ideas! What can I say, it was a lot of geeky fun when I should have been trying to pack! But then a wine date called so the packing was never going to happen anyway!

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“Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts.” Rita Mae Brown

Crisis averted. Sanity reinstated.

You can’t cross a sea by merely staring into the water.
– R. Tagore

After my little meltdown I am happy to say that my first draft and I are back on speaking terms. In fact, bring it on! I’m looking forward to the challenge. Being away from my first draft for so long was a little bit of a shock to the system…okay big shock. Big, big, BIG shock! After much thinking I realized this is because my mind continued to play with the story while my fingertips did nothing.  But I am stubborn and this manuscript will eventually be the book I want it to be. After all this time, the story still thrills me so I’m taking that as a good sign!

I would like to thank everyone who took time to comment on my previous blog to offer encouragement and advice. Until that post I had no idea that a) People actually read my blog and b) I have connected with some wonderful writers who continue to inspire me with their progress and updates… which brings me to this next thought.

I need to update this blog more regularly.

I know I’ve said this before in previous posts but I really believe it is a much needed outlet to get me through the revision phase of this first draft, Project_Graveyard. (Plus, it is one of my 2012 writing goals). So expect weekly postings. What a novel concept. (No pun intended). My current goal is to post once a week and eventually make it two. TWO! That’s big, considering I have always have had an commitment issue to blogs!

I read Prue’s recent post Learn to say ‘No’ and it was a timely reminder for me. I will be moving home to Australia next week for a few months to focus on my business and writing goals – and other secret business which may-or-may-not involved the celebration of a certain ring that happened to find itself on my finger in Norway. I have no idea who put it there either ;p

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Ugh. Times like this I wish I was a hardcore plotter.

I did something today. I looked over my first draft. Now i think I’m on the verge of a full blown panic attack! How will I ever transform this train wreck into a glowing finished piece of work? There are plot holes in it that even I don’t know how to fix. I knew upon entering the revision phase that there would be tears, frustration, hopelessness, excitement…a whole cocktail of emotion that makes you grateful for the people in your life who do ‘get you’ and your unsuspecting moods. But right now, I feel like I might die. I’m not being melodramtic here, I think I just might.

*Deep breaths*

Now I shall go to the gym to run off some of this anxiety and pray that this book will become everything I know it can be without turning into a complete mess.

Has anyone experienced this? Feeling so overwhelmed you can barely breath?

The Revision Journey

It begins again.

My muse has patiently been waiting (or happily playing in acting school and on set until it could dance on the pages) until the writer was ready to re-enter the cave of doom. As excited as I am at the prospect of holding my revised, clean draft in my hands, I already know that there will be a lot of head banging, hair pulling frustration ahead of me. Luckily I have connected with many wonderful writers who continue to inspire me with their progress so hopefully it will help bring my muse and I over the finishing line…alive…ish.

Being able to travel extensively beforehand around Northern Norway and Svalbard has been an absolute blessing. Just experiencing something new answered so many questions I had about my draft and sparked new ideas that made my blood grow cold and skin tingle. I have a frightening mind to delve into, lets leave it at that.

Before the ripping apart and hair pulling begins I decided to make the most of living a heartbeat away from my favorite building in Vancouver and do something I never do…research. You know how some writers spend days/weeks/months/YEARS researching…well I don’t. Judging by the state of my first draft…maybe I do need to do just a teensy bit of what I always avoid doing…study. 

So dear muse, we have some odd books to check out. I know you are are wild and unruly (and have no manners) but this needs to be done. 

Love and Light



View from my bedroom


Bibliophile Heaven


The ‘research.’ I hear it’s completely normal to go to coffee shops and take notes on the medieval uses of blood and other bodily fluids…right?