Pinterest and other random WIP ramblings

“It takes courage to be a writer. Courage to face yourself, work through your demons & make your art.” Terry Rossio

I’m falling in love with my story all over again. It’s been a tough and fulfilling couple of weeks…I’ve really had to sit down and put together a scene outline of what I want my book to be when I finally begin the rewrite process and I’m really excited to begin every single scene like right now. I know that things will change along the way (hopefully for the better, because that’s the kind of writer I am) but it’s good to know that I’m starting off with something that doesn’t resemble my first draft! My outline has grown by 10 more scenes and the majority of the outline encompasses new scenes or scenes which require an 80%+ rewrite. More importantly…they are more exciting to write!

I also signed up with a pinterest account over a month ago and I never realized I was a visual writer. I just thought everything happened in my head – but  it’s good to be open to other avenues of creativity (outside my head). Just seeing photos which inspire my work really helps me get a solid grounding in my world…which is how I should have felt like during my first draft! I plan on having a few of them printed out and stuck all over my writing space once I begin my heavy rewrite.  I’m also thinking of having a playlist and so far I have lots of creepy music box/ circus music. If anyone has any suggestions for innocent yet creepy sounding music let me know. It’s something I am drawn to and afraid off, so I foresee myself being extremely terrified of every noise around my house in the following months!

Right now I’m working on character bios. Surprisingly I did have some handy during my first draft (not that I ever looked at them!). Just redoing some of the major ones is making me learn more twists and turns to my story so in the future I think I will put more time towards them! And who would have thought that combining a few weaker characters together will give you a even cooler villain??

So goals for the week:

– Complete character bios

– Dedicate 10minutes everyday before I sit down to revise updating my pinterest…since it’s actually helpful and not so much a distraction, unless I start drooling over wedding cakes!

– Double check to see if my work is still backed up in multiple places

– Chase down R.S.V.Ps for a certain someone’s engagement party…like hello….does no one understand how to R.S.V.P anymore? I am not a mind reader! Expect a future rant about this issue in the future. Facebook has turned everyone’s brains to virtual rubbish. (I’ve deactivated my account and I have to say it feels great!)

If anyone would like to follow my boards on pinterest it’s You’ll probably be shocked to discover that my name isn’t findingmycreature ;p Also if you had an account, just leave your link in the comment and I’ll have a bit of a sneak into your mind too.

How is everyone’s WIP going? I may not be active on this blog most days, but I get notifications when the people I follow post something new and I just want to say it’s inspiring to know that somewhere out there there’s another author working on their love.

Love and Light,



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10 thoughts on “Pinterest and other random WIP ramblings

  1. Great to hear that you’ve fallen in love with your work all over again 😀
    It’s so good when that happens!

    I’m relieved I’m not the only one to be anti-Facebook. It’s great for finding people but somehow it doesn’t do anything for me – neither does Twitter. Thanks for the link to Pinterest. I have an account but not sure I did much with it. Time to have a look. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    Good luck with the RSVP. Perhaps a simple ‘please reply’ might work better – but it doesn’t look as good, does it?

  2. I always love reading about your progress too! Writing is a solitary activity, which is as it should be, but once in a while it’s fun to compare notes. 🙂
    I loved your pinterest page! I’ve wanted to start one for myself, because I am definitely addicted to pretty (and sometimes not so pretty) pictures to fuel my creativity, but I share your aversion to FB.
    I was hoping there would be a way to open a pinterest account without FB or Twitter. Might have to join Twitter …
    Good luck with your rewrite! My rewrite was close to 100%, but it was really fun to finally put together the story I wanted to tell. I’m looking forward to updates. 🙂

    • I don’t think you have to be connected to FB or Twitter for Pinterest. You do need to get an invite from someone though. If you send me or findingmycreature your email address you can get into Pinterest.

  3. If you are a visual writer, you might find it helpful to create Pinterest boards FOR your characters. I have a board for each of 3 characters in my series, Grace Awakening. I discovered Pinterest after my books were done, but they could be a tool for character development as well. I think it will be particularly interesting when other people start contributing to them!

    Rory’s Story Cubes are another visual tool to play with. There are 9 cubes with images on each side. You roll, and see where the images take you. Fun for coming up with new ideas, breaking writers block, or just for writing exercise. I model a short story draft/exercise using them here:

    Very interesting novel inspirations on your Pinterest page! Stories waiting to be told for several of them! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I too find it quite inspiring to hear from other authors slogging away at their WIPs. Sometimes it feels like such a solitary pursuit that it is easy to forget that there are other likeminded people out there. Also, loved the photos on your pinterest site. Where do you find such amazing images??

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