Red Wine Grudges

Let your fiction grow out of the land beneath your feet –  Willa Cather


Last night I decided to treat myself and have a glass of red while reading in bed. If only that image was as romantic to the soul as it seemed. I managed to spill it….everywhere. The wine even managed to grace my laptop which was no where near me, leaving bloody droplets all over beautiful light carpet. If anyone asks me about it again I’m probably just going to tell them I killed someone. Their cat maybe .But this extremely irritating experience did prove to be a writing lesson in disguise…DO NOT WRITE WITH BEVERAGES ANYWHERE NEAR YOU!  If that wine had spilled all over my manuscript and hand written notes I would have been devastated and very, very heart broken. I have now made it a point to put all WIP consuming beverages on the chair next to me…or all the way over there. It does not explain what the gigantic water jug is doing right next to my laptop though. It really does take a while to form a habit!  In other related news my USB decided to take a trip down the washing machine! If I had not backed my work anywhere else I would probably be crying right about now! But I did discover that by putting the drowned USB in a cup of rice (to take all the moisture away) saved it! I can still access everything on there!

In WIP news, I have managed to develop and flesh out all my character bios which inspired so much imagery in my head. My WIP is based in Russia and I’m using a lot of folklore inspiration for it and I love how it is adding another darker layer to what I already have – really looking forward to the rewrite! I love Russian fairy tales and how they are morbid in comparison to the commercialized stories people are used to. Not many happily ever afters…and when there is a happily ever after tale you still feel kind of…disturbed. I plan on reading Russian fairy tales to my future children.

This week I hope to be much more productive. I had a really bad head cold last week and everything seemed to move in slowwwww motion and I’m actually surprised that I am still on top of my revision schedule. This week is all about tracking conflicts and flower arrangements.

Love and light,

Anushka xx


9 thoughts on “Red Wine Grudges

  1. I feel your pain: I tend to send myself notes by email, as I think they are less likely to be lost. I wrote a long email with a full plot outline that came to me while walking the dog, and my silly phone didn’t send or save it properly. Husband couldn’t understand why I was nearly in tears; he doesn’t get that ideas only come to me once and fleetingly. He seems to be able to file his away forever even if he never writes them down.
    In terms of saving my WIP, I email that to myself too, as frequently as I remember. I dread something happening to my laptop!
    I hope you have recovered from your near-misses and the ideas flow freely all week! 🙂

    • I dread something happening to every single place I back my WIP to haha Writers are inherently crazy aren’t they? Hope your WIP is going well and that you are having a fabulous week 🙂

  2. Congrats on staying on schedule with your revision! That’s a BIG deal, believe me.

    Also, I’m glad to hear from another fan of the occassional not so happy ending. After all, what is left to strive for if all our characters wander off into the sunset? And, a slightly tilted ending leaves the possibility for a sequel. If you have a moment, see my blog The Left Side of Right for more on this.

    And, thanks for the tip on USB rescuing! I’ll keep rice handy just in case.

    Happy writing,

  3. Thanks for the warning! I’ve had a few near misses myself, as my beverage of choice is coffee, and I find it hard to write without a mug of it nearby. So the manuscript usually ends up on a TV tray next to the desk, for the reasons you mention. I think a destroyed manuscript would destroy me.

    I love how the revision process stirs up the creative juices about the story, revealing layers that weren’t there before, and enjoy reading about how this is happening for you!
    Have fun with your conflicts. 🙂

  4. Oh noes! Red wine is a pain when spilled. And whatever volume there is in a glass, it always seems to expand to four or five times the amount when it’s out of the glass. Thanks for the tip with the rice – would never have thought of that!
    Russian fairy tales are dark – I had a book of Eastern European stories when I was relatively young. It had the most wonderful illustrations and words like ‘magyar’ which I hadn’t a clue what it meant but that just made it seem all the more exotic. Can be gruesome though. Disturbed is a good descriptor.
    Have fun with your WIP 🙂

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