It’s all about TIME

The energy of the mind is the essence of life – Aristotle


Tick. Tock.

The remainder of this week and some of next week is all about tracking time. How long it takes my character to get to point A to point B? When do they sleep? OMG do they even sleep in this draft??  So it is all about moon cycles and a whole lot of careful planning fun.

I have been finding this step quite enjoyable. It feel like it’s the last ‘big thing’ I need to sort out before I can start rewriting so I’m trying my best not to rush this step while preparing myself to backtrack a bit if it impactes my outline in other ways. Moon cycles play a large role in my WIP yet it wasn’t something I bothered to keep track of or research during my first draft. I’ve been asking myself how could I be so lazy but then I realized that the moon didn’t actually play such a big part in my first draft as it does now (the draft in my head and plotted on scene cards). So I’m not that lazy which is good to know.

To help me with this step I have printed out a Russian Calendar which notes moon phases and special holidays for 2011-2012 which is exactly what I was looking for. Previously I had thought to set my my WIP  a few years back then comparing the moon cycles to this year made me realize how eerily perfect it was for my outline. Weird. I hadn’t expected to have ‘real life’ moon cycles and dates exist in my WIP…I assumed I would just make it all up and make the details service the story the way it needed to. I’m still opened to doing that if that’s what the plot calls for in the end, but it’s nice having the details all perfectly organized without me having to chart everything (okay maybe I am lazy).

So I was wondering how everyone else uses (or does’t use) the concept of time in their writing/revising. Is it something that you are aware of and naturally have a handle on or is something that you have never given much thought into?

If anyone has any useful advice or tips regarding Time please feel free to share!

Love and light,



9 thoughts on “It’s all about TIME

  1. Using moon cycles is an interesting concept 🙂

    I guess I don’t really think about it to be honest. I struggle more with trying to portray a whole day, like, how many times should you actually write about your characters eating lol 🙂


  2. When one WIP centers on time travel, I do need to keep track of it. 🙂 In three time frames. But even within a time, I try to ensure things happen as they should in a reasonable amount of time. (Unlike many TV shows where characters get across New York City or Los Angeles within 15 minutes….)

  3. Visiting from IWSG :))

    Time is one of my hangups. I get sidetracked, easily. I have to create time lists for myself. By a certain number of hours in a day, I have to complete so many hours of writing, blogging, and normal mom daily tasks. If I don’t make a list, I crater, and end up accomplishing nothing in a full 12 hours.

    Nice to meet you! Love your blog, it’s fabulous. :))

    • I quite like your blog too…pleased to meet you! I noticed Blogger and WordPress don’t play well. I’m trying to figure out a way to follow it…but I added you on twitter too…I’m @thatcreature.

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