You know you ARE a writer when…

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you
– Oprah Winfrey


…buying, using, looking and  breathing in stationary puts you on a natural high.


So needless to say I purchased various sized post-it notes today…and pens.

*insert happy sigh*

I have never come close to running out of index cards and post-it notes before but this revision is really devouring everything I own. Which is fine because it gives me an exciting excuse to treat myself to the outdoors! As in Officeworks, not the wilderness.

I actually had quite a lot of social events to be at recently so I haven’t been a complete cave-revising-hermit…but I mustn’t get out enough if buying post-it notes was the highlight of my day!

Revision wise this week was quite delayed due to sleep exhaustion, weddings and dinner cruise munching – but today turned out to be quite productive AND fun.  Today was mainly a research day abut moon phases which sparked a desire to give myself a crash course on Jupiter’s moons, blue moons and even read a paper on what Earth would be like without a moon!

I also discovered that Russians are TEA DRINKERS! I never would have guessed and I was glad to follow up on my scribbled question – do they live off black coffee?’ I’m really glad I took the time to google that because it opened up my world to the tea culture in Russia…and boy do they have one. This makes me even more excited for my rewrite because I will subconsciously be craving tea when I write instead of coffee…which I’m trying to cut back on (again) so I’m NOT ADDICTED TO IT! I think life is too short to give up on it completely, but seriously…I need to function vice free.

I’m almost dying from exhaustion so will be heading off to bed.

Whatever hours I can salvage and make up for lost revision time this week will be tailored towards the final prep of my revision – playlists, maps, photos and happily post-it plastered index cards.

Always interested to know where everyone is in their WIP so feel free to share!

Love and Light



9 thoughts on “You know you ARE a writer when…

  1. When I was in Russia (then the Soviet Union) I was fascinated with the use of the samovar for making tea. The samovar is like an electric kettle, shaped like an urn, with a bowl shaped lid with a vent in it. On that lid, sits a round bottom tea pot, full of concentrated tea- basically tea syrup. The water is hot in the samovar. You pour some concentrate into your tea cup, and then turn the spiggot fill the rest of the cup with hot water.

    My mom had asked me to bring her back a samovar to Canada, and I did. Now it’s sitting in my garage. It has always been used ornamentally. I think I should pull out the European plugs/adaptor and try it one day!

    • I came across the samovar during my research and it looks AMAZING – I want one! haha You definitions should get yours out and have a Russian styled tea party, I’m sure it would be fabulous 🙂

  2. I can almost taste your excitement to begin this phase of your revision! And one can certainly never have too many office supplies when faced with such a monumental stage of rewriting. Good luck, and happy writing!
    I’m still pecking away at some minor revisions, as I prepare to offer some more of my chapters up for critique. That whole concept still scares the bejeezus out of me, but I understand how it is necessary and helpful.
    Keep us posted on your progress!

    • Haha I know! Ever since I began following your progress I’ve been DYING to get to this part of it. Now that I HERE I’m just a tiny bit scared but I feel ready to just start writing! Thanks for your comment in the forums…I wasn’t sure what to make of the longhand part of the course but I think I’ll give it a chance before making a decision. Also how do you get cool widgets tracking your word count progress on your sidebar? I’ve been trying to figure it out! Honestly, how am I so challenged sometimes?

  3. Several thousand decades ago, I traveled to Moscow on the worst coach in the universe, trundling slowly across Europe, then changed to the worst train in the universe. (Needless to say, when I got back from this pre-Glasnost trip to hell, I had the worst bout of flu in the universe…) The best thing about it, however, was drinking Russian tea. No fancy somovas, or whatever they’re called. Just a glass in a metal holder, no milk, and a whole bowl of sugar cubes to suck. Bliss.
    Aside from that, good luck with the writing. Have just finished editing (for about the millionth time) a novel and just want to go and lie down in a bowl of warm chocolate for about a year.

    • Several thousand decades ago? You must be some kind of sci-fi fey! I absolutely loved this message, thank you for taking the time to paint such a wonderful picture of your Russian experience… I have a feeling it was the magical tea that kept you alive to tell they tale 😉 Congrats on finishing, look forward to hearing how that novel goes. I wonder what a complete edited novel looks like – nice to know they exist! Once again congrats on finishing your edit!

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