Scene #5 Done!

A writer never has a vacation. For a writer is either writing or thinking about writing

– Eugène Ionesco

Scene #5 Inspiration

 Scene #5 was a rewrite of an existing scene that was really, really bad in the first draft. Really bad. Probably because I wasn’t sure what was meant to happen in the scene either which made my heroine come across dramatic and stupid.   Took me a few tries to get this right and there were moments when I wondered if I could even write this the way I wanted it to be written.

All done now.

1904 words.

I couldn’t find a specific image that inspired this scene so I found one that captured it since it felt weird not posting a picture up with these scene update posts!

Let me know how your WIP is going, always interested to know.

Love and light,

Anushka xx


6 thoughts on “Scene #5 Done!

  1. I love these daily updates. So inspiring to see you making such great progress. 🙂
    My WIP is … well, going. I’m in one of those scenes, where the setting and the characters are right, but I have some connections to make between them that aren’t quite right yet … fingers crossed.

    • It will magically click into place 🙂 I currently have a not quite right scene so I’m going to go to bed now and sleep on it! I’m glad you like the little updates, I wasn’t sure if I was annoying people with them or not.

      • Definitely not annoying!!
        Because they are short, and happen to be about exactly what I’m going through right now (and have been for a very long time 😉 ) I look forward to them in my email. 🙂

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