Scene #7 Done!

We must risk going too far to discover just how far we can go

– Jim Rohn


I really loved writing this scene. In the first draft the character introduced in this scene was a HE…but round two finds him officially a SHE. Same name and far less stupid. I love how this gender swap has added a richness to this character. I also cleared up the murky back story I had for her which was an unexpected delight and something I hope to sprinkle in later scenes.Β 

It took me two sessions to overhaul this scene and 3.75 hours all up. Again, it felt like I was revising it for much longer.

1753 words.

A quick coffee break (overdosed a little too much on the green tea yesterday) and onto scene #8!

Then…I shall enter the world we call real life.

I hope today is an inspiring day for you all πŸ™‚

Love and light,




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