Scene #13 and #14 Done!

Creativity is allowing oneself to make mistakes, Art is knowing which ones to keep

– Scott Adams

The Dark Tree

Scene #14 Inspiration

These scenes were heavily linked so I worked on them both like they were one very, very long scene.

I struggled to bring these two scenes from rough to polished but got there in the end. It always works out somehow even though things looked so dire at one stage I wondered if it was even possible – maybe all the other scenes have been a complete fluke?

These are two important scenes which lead into another world, so I needed that lead-up to be good. So naturally when I want something to be good I come up with crap. I look forward to reading these scenes later to see how they compare with the previous ones.

1243 and 1871 words respectively bringing the grand total to  *drum roll*  24,677words.

I still live in hope that I will stay within my word count. Anything is possible after all 🙂

mothsHow do you deal with transforming a stubborn sub-standard scene?

Love and light,


PS: HAPPY CANADA DAY TO MY LOVELY CANADIAN READERS. My year in Canada was the BEST. It was the most  fantastical and creatively enriching experience of my life  and I cannot wait until the time comes for me to move back there again.

     Scene #13 Inspiration


2 thoughts on “Scene #13 and #14 Done!

  1. If I’m really stuck with a scene, I jolt myself. I highlight the most important sentences, thoughts, and actions of the characters. Then I ask myself, what is important for the reader to know, right now? Everything else can go away. (Sometimes that’s tough.) I rewrite the scene and, as I’m doing that, it usually reforms itself nicely. The toughest part for me is removing the excess and allowing the reader to fill in the gaps.

    You are doing great, and I love hearing about your progress!

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