Scene #16 Done

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it

– James Bryce

Animal in disguise?

World & Character Inspiration

Just a quick post!

UPDATE: I just re-read the whole post and it’s more along the lines of a quick-ish post

1436 Words.

I was happy with how the scene turned out, but I need to revisit my outline and see how solid the next few scenes are and if they are right for the story I have in mind. I have that voice in the back of my head that is telling me something is not quite right. I have learnt from experience – do not ignore that voice! Know of the one? It tortured me only last month.

Also, I read a great book today by Kristen Lamb called Are you There Blog? It’s Me, Writer.  It was definitely a mind opener to me for three main reasons.

  1. It reminded me how much I LOVE to read. I struggle reading works in my own genre when deep into my own writing process (YA, paranormal fantasy) – but others? Absolutely! Why did I not think of this sooner? In moderation Anushka, in moderation…you have to finish your WIP don’t you?
  2. Platforms. The social media kind, not the kind you jump off when you see an oncoming train kind.Have I been using them to my full potential or have I been hiding behind them? As I glance through my website I do not see my name anywhere visible. I guess I should just publish my works under Finding My Creature then?
  3. Being a writer and social media go hand in hand, you are you brand. I always knew this…I just thought I could put it off until later, like the gym – or think ‘seriously’ about it once I reach a milestone.

I’m curious to know your thoughts are on social media. Have you been using it to connect with others under a pen name, your own name…no name? Have you been putting it off until you land an agent/book deal? Do you actively think about the brand you are portraying?

Food for thought. But now I need sleep.

Love and light,

Anushka xx


10 thoughts on “Scene #16 Done

  1. I started seriously putting together a social media plan once I had an agent interested in my first novel. From the time she contacted me and said she was interested if I would make a few changes to the time I signed with her (6 months later) I started a blog, joined twitter, linkedIn, facebook professional page, google Plus,Pinterest, and goodreads.
    I also joined Sisters in Crime and Crime Writers of Canada.

    I look for blogs on writing and try to connect with other authors that way.

    I use my own name as I want to be visible if I ever get published. Hope that helps.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. Yes this does help a lot! Sounds like you really know what you are doing branding wise. and I think it’s something I’m going to be more aware of in the back of my head as I complete this WIP. I might even dedicate a couple of hours a week toward it so I don’t go using this as a procrastination tool! haha

  2. My social media right now is limited to blogging under the name I’ll use for publishing, jmmcdowell. It seems so early to begin it, before the books are done, but we’re told we have to do it. But for now, my focus is on meeting other writers and interested readers and being part of a supportive community. Actually, that will always be my focus! Anything else will be in addition to that.

  3. Social media can be used to promote oneself and one’s book. It can also gobble up huge chunks of time. Balance is required.
    You might be interested in what Susan Kiernan-Lewis has to say on social media

    I think each of us has to make our own decision and do what seems right. Personally I don’t use Twitter or Facebook. I find them a source of frustration. Others find that they are incredibly useful.

    • Thanks for the link, will go check it out. Yes balance is the key term here. My first priority will always be my WIP and getting it ready to submit. I think social media is something I will embrace slowly so I won’t upset my balance or progress. How’s the WIP going?

  4. Sigh. Social media. Scared me to death until I discovered how much fun it is!

    I suppose I need to decide what name I’m going to write under. So far I’ve decided to use my real first name, as you can see.
    I need to learn about the idea of branding. I always feel that my books should be infinitely more interesting than I am, so I’m not sure how to go about selling that idea. I’m hoping that being lighthearted, reliable, and diligent are qualities that will help me come out ahead though.
    Thanks for the recommendation on Kristen Lamb’s book. I might have to give that a read in my spare time.

    Meanwhile, the revision calls …

    • I know the feeling, revision calls me too…but I need to tell it I’m going to eat breakfast this time. Well I personally think you’ve done a good job so far with your blogs, they inspire me and I always cannot wait to read them 🙂 So obviously you must be doing something right!

  5. When I attended a group info meeting with an agent, I asked her if I needed a blog. She said, YES, at the least. According to her, a web site and a blog is an even better combination. Agents want to see your social media access on your query letter.

    That was a year ago. After fretting for a while, I decided to use my full name on my blog header. A bit confusing because I’m using my middle name as my user name. Rookie mistake.

    I also registered my domain name for a website. Darn it! Someone else had my name as a .com so I snatched it up as .net. Once I start sending out query letters, I’ll go live on the website.

    I don’t Twitter but I do use Facebook for family and friend stuff only. Too much fun on the internet cuts into revision time. On to Chapter 23!

  6. I wish now, that I’d done my blog under my own name, or a pen name *sighs* so I guess I’ll just have to call my book after my blog lol.

    Ive been reading about brand for a while now, and I think it was Jeff Goins who said make sure you use the same picture, or logo everywhere. So my blog matches my FaceBook page. I thought that was a good tip.


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