Writing and Olympics!

First of all, the opening ceremony – how good was that? Acknowledging great literary talent! I feel that sometimes people forget about the writer/s behind the world and behind the magic. Think of all those Oscar winners who fail to mention the actual author of the book the film was based on. Makes me fume every time. Like hello, there will be NO AWARD and you would not be where you are professionally if there wasn’t a writer who chose to live in the cave for a couple of years years give or take.

On a different not, what an incredible year for women too. Every country this year had female representatives! Incredible. It does not solve the whole gender divide ‘thing’ which bothers me (I won’t go into great detail right now) but it is still nonetheless a great achievement and it made my little heart smile. It also made me question how much I do in my own life to grow as a woman and take advantage about the freedoms available to me.

Which brings me to writing. To achieve what I want to achieve as a writer I need to have the razor sharp focus I saw gleaming in the eyes of the athletes representing their country. Therefore I vow to have seven scenes revised/rewritten by the end of this week which will officially bring me to the half way point of this WIP. From now on I promise to bounce back from setbacks and trips to writer hell faster and most of I want to get back to blogging regularly once again. After I catch up on my progress update I will go back to my mini updates because they were much more manageable and motivated me to get the grueling scenes done.

What are your Olympic writing goals/ training schedule ?

Love and Light,

Anushka xx

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2 thoughts on “Writing and Olympics!

  1. I’m looking forward to your updates on this long haul called revision. Don’t be too impressed with my schedule though, it’s a more of a guideline than a goal!

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