Progress Update Scene 18 – 23

Fiction is a lie, and good fiction is the truth inside the lie.

― Stephen King

dew soaked dandelion


I introduce to you a whole bunch of mini updates. Enjoy 🙂

Scene 18

This scene was a completely surprise. Nothing at all like I imagined it and wasn’t in the outline I had drafted when I started this block revision. It marked a point when a friendship between two characters blossomed and I ended this scene with a happy sigh and feeling far less deranged. The last comment may seem odd, but Scene #17 really did test me.

I already see myself going back and changing a few things but the solid foundation is there, which is rare since a majority of this second revision is a complete rewrite sprinkled with first draft gold. Or should I say…lightly dusted?

1741 unexpected and delightful words.

Scene 19

I got my revision mojo back in this scene after taking a few days break. I stopped just where things got really, really  good so I would be excited to jump straight into things the next day!

1779 words

Scene 20: I learned something completely unexpected about an important character in this scene and I was so grateful to know that the muse was back on board. You know those exciting little sparks? I decided to follow what I did the previous day and just stop. I was ready to power through the next scene but I just wanted to prolong and generate that moment of excitement just a tad bit more.

1522 words.

Scene 21, 22, 23

Three scenes in one day! All in short bursts. How was this even achieved? I actually hauled my sorry butt to the gym at 7am and my mind and body connected in this amazing way and I felt I found the missing piece. I have been putting my gym routine aside and all the benefits it had on my muse slowly unraveled and disappeared. Note to self: Be active, be healthy – preferably in the early morning! I recently re-read all these scenes just to double and triple check I did not just regurgitate complete and utter rubbish and found myself wanting to read more. I feel like I got a handle on the pacing and my WIP once again after hitting a bit of muddled chaos.

2118,  400 and 1045 respectively.

This week’s goal is 7 scenes. It’s also a big week for me because I am returning to work after taking a glorious few months off between relocating countries (again) to get this revision back on track. On top of that I have a long-lost cousin staying with us for a few weeks and will be showing her around but the fire to revise is back once again and I know that I will make the time to get things firing on the revision front of this roller coaster journey.

Where on the roller coaster are you currently on?

Love and light,

Anushka xx


5 thoughts on “Progress Update Scene 18 – 23

  1. I’m screaming down the roller coaster of two weeks of family visits, both groups with VERY young children. Wow. I gave my muse the week off, and I’m working on writing exercises and a self-indulgent story just for fun. I’m using a scene from my first draft that could have taken the MC in two very different directions. For the novel, I chose the more conservative route for her but, in this story, she goes the radical way. Cool!

    Keep feeding us your progress! It’s inspirational. BTW, lovely photo.

  2. I’ve been going in a lot of different directions with my revision, and not all of them feel like forward. A few other writers have asked to read my earlier chapters, and the feedback has been great! Unfortunately, all the fuss has slowed my forward progress on my present scenes. I’m not sure how best to shift my focus back to where it belongs.
    Must muddle onward, I suppose!

    It’s great to hear that you’re making such good progress. 🙂

    • I think muddling onward is part of the journey…sigh. That’s great about the feedback though, must be really good to get other people’s perspective on your story. Sometimes you need the little detours and side alleys until you have that burning desire to move forward once again so I have no doubt that your focus will be right where you want it. you don’t seem like someone who would let it stray too far away 🙂

  3. Summer is a roller coaster in itself when kids are out of school. When I’m out of my routine, I have a harder time focusing on writing, even when I have the available time. I don’t do well when things are off-kilter.

    Going to the gym probably helped you–exercise is great for stirring up those creative juices!

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