NANO Guest Post – Calling on NaNoCreatures

After a lot of thinking I have decided to open the doors of findingmycreature to welcome guest posts in the month of November. Why November? Because of NaNoWriMo of course.

My memories of NanoWriMo take me back to an exhilarating high, summer air and heatwaves – got to love the Southern Hemisphere!

I remember between crazed moments of writing I would devour as many blogs and writing related material as possible. That’s how I stumbled across Holly Lisle’s writing courses and I have been serious about writing ever since.

So it got me thinking – wouldn’t it be wonderful to have other writer creatures involved on this blog during November to help inspire, cheer and get those creative juices stirring?

For those of you who are interested in contributing there are two categories you can choose to be involved in.


If you are participating in NaNoWriMo this year and interested in being featured as a NaNoCreature you can register your interest to findingmycreature [at] gmail [dot] com

Make sure to include a link to your blog and I will get back to you.

^Ideally you will be participating in NaNoWriMo this November, it doesn’t really make any sense profiling you and prodding you with questions otherwise. Or maybe it’s just me.

^You would be required to submit a photograph of yourself, not an avatar, although they are cute 🙂


Alternatively you can submit a writing related post in the spirit of NaNoWriMo and do a NanoCreature Guest Post. I would like those featured to draw from topics ranging from anything as long as you can relate it back to writing e.g. generating ideas, structure, benefits of meditation , overcoming roadblocks etc. Email  me with a topic proposal to findingmycreature [at] gmail [dot] com

Word length – not a novel.

Also, please provide a couple of images to complement the post linking back to the source.

^I will consider non-NaNo participants for this option


One of the main requirements I am looking for in a featured guest is that they must have an active blog and a genuine passion for the art and craziness that is writing a novel. It would be nice to be considered in return if you were hoping to host guests on your own blog but not a requirement or the reason I’m am opening my blog up to other creatures. I genuinely want to make this place an exciting and inspiring place to visit during November!

November is an amazing month where creative juices flow and writers all around the world get into touch with that inner creature within. How exciting is that?

I would love to hear from you if you are interested in being a part of the NaNoCreature blog segments.

Love and light,

Anushka xx


Get your Pitch on October 15th

For the YA writers who are ready and READY, this opportunity might be of interest to you 🙂

Commissioning and Managing Editor of Hardie Grant Egmont, Marisa Pintado, will be poised and ready to take your pitches both here on Down Under Wonderings and on my group blog YAtopia on October 15th. 

Marisa is looking for YA in any genre and is accepting submissions from any where in the world. It’s your chance to skip the slush pile and put your pitch right under the nose of a fantastic editor. There’s even better news – there is no limit on how many requests Marisa will make from the contest. ” CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

Love and light,

Anushka xx


IWSG: Is it September already?


I’m writing this hoping that it is still Wednesday somewhere on this planet earth. Unfortunately I missed my IWSG post last month and really did  not want to miss out again, so I apologize for this post being a tiny bit late!

Lately I have been thinking about my age. I know it might sound strange to some but I feel like I’ve always been one of those people who put pressure on myself to get things done. By now I should have accomplished way more things than what I have already done (according to me of course). I have been told that I have to acknowledge what I have done and seen but I can’t just seem to settle with that being good enough. I need to do EVERYTHING and now.

Right now.

As of right this second this revision needs to be complete and so perfect it sings by itself, a series will be outlined in detail, a new novel written in a day,  queries sent and representation offered AND my debut book  should be coming out tomorrow. Realistic right?

I am not afraid of getting old, not at all. I love turning a year older every birthday because I hated my teenage high school years with a passion.  What I’m afraid of is not getting things done. I’m afraid that a time will come when nothing will be possible and my dreams will be an unattainable possibility because I simply cannot do the things I want to do because I left it too late.

This problem I have does not only relate to writing but with everything I want to do. Will I see the places I want to see, climb the mountains I want to climb and learn the languages I want to speak? What if I have kids one day and all the dreams and goals that make me who I am suddenly seize to be?

I read this post The mountain will tell me when I am old on Paulo Coelho’s blog and could not have come at a better time, although there are days when I forget this message.

Age does not limit us, our actions do.

I end this post with this with a little expert that I loved.

I decided that this mountain would tell me when I get old.
So once a year, I return to climb this mountain. One day, I will be unable to climb it and when that day comes, it will be a landmark moment, a turning point, telling me that I can no longer overstretch myself that way and that I need to find something else. I will find something else.
So this mountain is a symbol for me – Paulo Coelho

Anyone else feel like this?

Love and light,


Living in the revision cave.

I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions

–  James Michener


My new revision space, the energy is incredible.

Let me begin this post by saying I’m alive. I did not intend to be gone away from this blog for so long, but rest assured I have been productive. Unfortunately I had to make the decision if I was a blogger or a writer because I was getting a little bit time poor. Also, lack of internet access does make blogging a little bit hard and there was no way I was going to type posts on my phone. I did however kept up with all of your updates and progress and commented when could.

Last month has been full of many new things which gave my revision schedule a bit of a shake up.  I took it all in my stride and tried not to be bitter about the chunks it took out of my revising day, because sometimes you have to live a little and be present in the life you live (outside your head that is).

I had a cousin visit from overseas and did the typical ‘Australia’ things like feed Kangaroos.  Also I  decided I would like to balance my life with non-writing commitments, like say, a job so that took a little bit of adjusting. But that was not what impacted my revision time the most….picking up the Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons was what did. It took me on a wonderful and unexpected detour. I never read that genre, but have I been missing out!  I had no choice but to devour the trilogy in a matter of days (four I think). I tried to leave the rest until I finished my own revision but I just could not do it, I needed to read it, I needed to know more.  The impact it had on me took a while to shake off and I still think about the journey it wrenched my heart through.  I just hope that my own story and characters leaves a little something special to the readers who may eventually read it too.  It was the first non-fantasy book I have read which left me feeling the urge to write outside that genre. That’s a big thing too, for me. I’ve always been drawn to the dark and macabre nature of otherworldly characters.

As for my revision progress it’s been going good! I am over half way at 56 000 words and today I realized I needed to stop and print out the whole thing and read what I’ve done so far. I am reaching the end of my WIP and the scenes I have in mind are solid and do not need to be written from scratch. I felt if I continued on without reading over what I have written yet and fixing the threads which have been bothering me, my grand climax and build up will be a weak echo of what I want it to be. I feel if I don’t read what I have as a ‘reader’ I just won’t do the story justice for the end scenes. The last thing I want is something substandard of first draft quality which will mean I have to revise and rewrite that section again – something I don’t want to do because I really want this revision to be tight (and not take the rest of my life).

So this week is all about cups of tea and reading  my WIP like a reader and giving what I have done a face lift and some tweaking.Will also post some belated mini scene updates if you like.

Have you ever stopped mid revision to go back over what you read?

Love and light,

Anushka xx