10 things that go through my mind during revision

  1. Maybe I should take a nap now
  2. Coffee break sounds good *conveniently forget I am detoxing*
  3. I will go to the gym… tomorrow
  4. One more scene
  5. Everything I write is rubbish
  6. It’s dinner and I’m still wearing my pyjamas
  7. Maybe I should take a break and eat some more food
  8. I have already eaten all of my food…yesterday
  9. I am going to clean the house
  10. I  am going to have a nap then clean the house

Sound familiar? Anything to add?

Happy revising everyone!

Love and light,

Anushka xx


17 thoughts on “10 things that go through my mind during revision

  1. Glad to know I’m not alone! In the last week while I’ve been pretending to revise, this is what has been going on in my head. Some I acted upon (all but 12). I also pondered baking, cooking and cleaning, but successfully distracted myself with these more interesting options:
    11. I should dye my hair
    12. I should bathe and clip the poodles
    13. I should put a comma into this sentence
    14. Wait. Is this historically accurate, I should check on the internet.
    15. I should sew something.
    16. That movie looks good
    17. I need to get off this couch. I should go for a walk
    18. I need to take that comma out of that sentence
    19. I wonder what hubby is doing
    20. Maybe I should learn a new song on the harp.

    • I used to be a harpist too! Pretend revising is a necessary process I say…when else would you clip the damn poodles? Speaking of revising…maybe I should learn to sew…something. Socks? Or take up harp again, I miss that. 🙂

    • I read this and went to the supermarket and got Ben n Jerry’s haha But you are a right…every writer needs a chocolate fix!

  2. Ha ha ha, VERY familiar 😉

    I did a writing exercise recently, I think it was one of Natalie Goldberg’s. The task was, write down all your thoughts in one morning. That was a bit of a shocker! Rereading it was painful lol

    Good luck honey!


    • Thanks! I guess it’s not possible to write a book unless you procrastinate? Well that’s what I tell myself! Maybe I should learn to knit…hmm.

      • Ooooo, I’d love to be able to knit!, but I’d probably just procrastinate about what I wanted to knit lol 😉


  3. Mine main thought is usually “This is rubbish, maybe I should just start something new”. Plus I have the ones about putting commas in and taking them out, and a load of ideas about how I could make the book better if only I knew more about writing and had the energy. The nap one is usually followed by me curling up and falling asleep, waking three hours later and realising that’s my nursery time all gone for another week!

    • My 15minute ‘power naps’ tend to go for hours too! I think the ‘this is rubbish’ is a universal theme…can totally relate! Why we put ourselves through this I have no idea. Maybe rubbish is actually french for…good art?

  4. Hmm… I like this! Here’s some of the stuff that flits through my mind:

    1. This book is too long. I should just stop now, go back a few lessons and cut some scenes.
    2. I can’t write for crap. How did I get into this mess?
    3. I should be doing something useful, like sweeping the garage.
    4. I need to fix my time line.
    5. I need to get to The End and THEN fix my time line.
    6. Is there any point in painting my toenails, since it’s fall now?
    7. I wish I was writing my Nano already. Now THERE’s a book that will be worth revising.
    8. Can I get through work tomorrow with only five hours sleep, instead of six?
    9. I wonder if I have any email.
    10. Gosh, I love this story of mine. 🙂

    • This made me laugh…so similar to my head. I have seriously googled garbage collector during one VERY trying scene. Ah and #2….Got to love that one! I also ask myself on a regular basis what I do for hobbies and why I don’t have any aren’t book related! Then I look up random things like surfing in the Bahamas and Archery.

  5. Seven common excuses for not working on revison:

    1. Cleaning off my desk because I can’t see the keyboard.
    2. Re-reading my sexy scenes I’ll never use in my book.
    3. Polishing both bathrooms until they sparkle.
    4. Reading someone else’s wonderful best seller.
    5. Shoveling out my office.
    6. Watching re-runs of Game of Thrones as a reward for thinking about working on revision.
    7. Emptying and refilling catbox.

    OK. Enough! Time to work.
    Sorry kitty.

    Thanks for making me laugh!

  6. Such a good post! I love the one about being in the pajamas at dinnertime. That’s my life story. Wearing them now, actually. Here’s a few of my own:

    1. I can’t concentrate with my cat walking in front of my face like this
    2. It’s cold in here, let me take a shower to get some new ideas
    3. Oh! I forgot to light the candle in my bedroom
    4. I should go make some tea…
    5. I wonder if they added a new 48 Hours Mystery episode to the website…I’ll just check real quick
    6. Oh God, what if this never, EVER, goes anywhere?
    7. *Staring at the wall*
    8. *Spinning in my chair*
    9. I should re-paint my nails before the weekend’s over…they posted a new 48 Hours, I can do it while watching…

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