It feels a lot like giving blood and not stopping

The process of rewriting is enjoyable, because you’re not in that existential panic when you don’t have a novel at all –  Rose Tremain

Lavendula Lavender farmIt has officially been a little over one week since I finished my revision. It’s hard to comprehend that something I have been working on for so long has been completed. Yes, there is still a little bit of tidying up to do, a touch up here and there and conflict needing to be raised in places I know is lacking, but in essence I practically have a completed novel in my possession with a beginning, middle and end. The story is kind of cohesive too, a pleasant bonus. Did I mention I have an ending? I never write my endings for some reason. I wonder why? Oh that’s right, I love to procrastinate.

I celebrated this wonderful milestone drinking the wine I have been craving, making the most of the sunshine I missed out on being cooped indoors and seeing my friends who I love for not forgetting I am alive. Oh and I also ate ice cream, lavender to be exact. Who knew that flavor existed? Oh the things you try on a lavender farm. I have to say though, despite the ice-cream overdose, lavender champagne is heavenly. I should have just stuck to that.Lavendula Lavender farm

As I speak I have just received edits from a freelance editor who has been looking over my work in the past week. I felt like I needed some feedback from a professional, in particular, from someone who would not be worried to hurt my feelings. Deciding to use a freelance editor is one of the best decisions I have ever made.I’ll post about my experience after the crazed month that is NaNoWriMo draws to an end.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, Finding My Creature is thrilled to be hosting a featured NaNoCreature every Thursday as well as two wonderful guest bloggers on the 5th and 19th of November. How deliciously exciting! So do swing by during your procrastination breaks. It will be inspiring sneak-peek into the minds, and caves, of other writers.

Anyways, I’m off to relish in my new-found freedom until NaNo begins. Which leaves me with less than two days.

Until then, I suppose I can go make the most of this sunny day which so happens to be my birthday. Last year I went bungee jumping in Whistler to jolt my muse awake. This year I will be pouring over my edits in a little cafe. Bliss.

Love and light,

Anushka xx





8 thoughts on “It feels a lot like giving blood and not stopping

  1. Happy birthday to you!
    Enjoy your champagne. It is well-deserved.
    I’m looking forward to reading about your experience with a professional editor, but meanwhile, we’ve got 50k words to write, don’t we? 😉

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