NaNoCreature #6!

Finding My Creature proudly presents the wonderful Kirsten from A Scenic Route, the final NaNoCreature for 2012! So grab a coffee (or steal hers) and take a little NaNoBreak for a little inspiration.




Name: Kirsten Bolda

Species/Sex: Winged creature of the night

Occupation: Microscopist.

Location: Wheaton, Illinois, USA        

Plotter/Pantser: Pantser! But I always know my ending, and I always have a point.

NaNo Username: Larkk (there was a two for one sale on the letter ‘k’ and I couldn’t resist!)

Genre: Fantasy mixed with Sci-Fi

Muse status: Pacing in the corner, his hands behind his back, muttering unintelligible questions in a foreign language, shaking his head about why I decided to write another story in the midst of a revision


1. Welcome NaNoCreature where is it that you lurk?

I can be found at ‘A Scenic Route’ where I chronicle my novel writing adventures. I also lurk in Holly Lisle’s forums, where you can find me under my handle, Larkk. Otherwise, I’m pretty quiet on the social media front. A hundred and forty characters isn’t nearly enough for my verbose Muse!

2. Is this your first time doing NaNoWriMo? 

This is my fourth NaNo. I can’t believe it myself! I won each time I played. With a word count way over 50k.

3. How did you prepare for NaNo?

I’m cheating a bit this year, because I’m writing a story I started in June but didn’t have time to give my full attention. I have forty scene cards, a nine sentence story summary, and a playlist for each day in November. I also stocked up on frozen dinners, coffee, and hot chocolate.

4. What is your NaNoNovel about in 30 words or less? 

When a disillusioned dragon-builder discovers forbidden love with one of ravaged Earth’s inhabitants, he finds that the only way to save her life is to embrace the technology he scorned. (30 words) And thank you for forcing me to do that. I had neglected it for a while.

5. What inspired you to write this story? 

I wanted to write about how love, mercy, and technology can co-exist, and how technology can make us great but also magnify evil. I wanted to explore what it means to have a soul, and the differences between our experiences of the world versus the experiences of the machines we create.

6. Do you write with music or in silence?

Music. I find it very difficult to write without it—and very easy to write with it.

7. What is your writing ritual?

I try to mix up my writing times and places because I don’t ever want to think there’s a time that I can’t write. But my favorite times to write are either early in the morning before work with a cup of coffee by my side, or late at night in bed under my electric blanket. For Nano, I might have to do both!

8. What is the most memorable piece of writing advice you have received?

“Write the book you want to read.” Toni Morrison


Tell us about your writer cave in 5 words

Music, coffee, words, window … happiness.



Thank you Kirsten for dropping by again* and giving me an excuse to go get another coffee every time I see your picture. I should really stop pretending to detox from coffee and just admit that the blood in my veins just won’t be complete without it.

I look forward to sharing the writing journey with you and hope to see you hanging around here in the future!

Love and light,

Anushka xx

* For those of you who missed it, you can read Kirsten’s guest post about where she get’s her stories right here.


3 thoughts on “NaNoCreature #6!

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  2. Thanks for having me, Anushka!
    I’m almost done with this story, and I won the NaNo challenge! I have to admit though, getting more sleep sounds like an attractive option right now, coffee or not. 😉

    Happy writing and revising!

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