Creative Cleansing

You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way – Dr Seuss


As January comes rushing to a close I find myself surrounded by clutter. If anyone peeks into my house they will instantly see the signs of undomesticated chaos. The neatest person in this residence is the puppy so that should give you an idea of how messy I am. When I was younger messiness was all about individual self-expression and attitude. As a writer, I convinced myself it is about the creative process…but it’s not. It’s mental clutter. I know some people clean as a form of procrastination and possibly even therapy, but since that concept has never come naturally to me and the fact that I am voluntarily thinking about it now tells me creatively, I need to do some serious cleansing for the year ahead.

The space around me feels cluttered and so does my brain. I’m also getting married in less than three weeks and I would like to clean this space so the Martha Stewart I magically transform into after I say I Do does not judge me. New slate, new chapter…why not? It’s not like I’m trying to become a mermaid or give up chocolate. I just need to de-clutter a bit.

Okay, a lot.

In less than a week January will officially be gone. While the year is still new now is the perfect time to set the cushions right, dust the frames, actually put photographs in frames (What can I say, people give me lots of frames) and organise all that mess I was going to do later.

For the following few days my life will all be about cleansing this space. Feel free to share any tips, or feel sorry for the fact that while you are doing something cool, I will be cleaning.

Happy Australia Day to me.

Love and light,

Anushka xx


Is Writing Seasonal?

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

– (Ecclesiastes 3:1) 


The last few weeks have been wonderful. If being stuck in an oven and dying can be described in such a way. Every time I have attempted to sit down and switch the revision brain on – which in my opinion is a super version of your brain fueled by coffee – my muse cries out in agony.

Therefore I have come to the conclusion:

Heatwaves kills muses…and revision super brain powers.

Where does that leave me then? With no super brain powers it seems. What if I was a real author on a real deadline? What would I tell my editor? I’m tanning against my will? As lame as that sounds, that reason isn’t exactly a lie. There is a high probability that my makeup will not match my face on my wedding day…but I digress.

Where was I? That’s right. Dead muse.

I am at my most focused in winter. My focus and motivation is so razor sharp I have been told people are afraid to approach me. I would like that focus back, but how?




As much as I would love to move to the Arctic right now – or even Antarctica because that is logistically closer – I can’t help but feel it will not fix the problem at hand.

If I choose to be honest with myself right now, my current writing predicament has a lot to do with mindset. I am just not at the right level of focus for revision right now and I have decided that is okay because I believe my creativity is being nurtured in other ways. More importantly, I strongly believe all my writing goals are still very possible.

Although I am not actively editing my current WIP, I see it so much more clearly. The world sparkles and scenes that I hated are rewriting themselves like a movie in my mind. Two fresh story ideas have unveiled themselves to me and I am excited for the words that will be written, revised and hopefully submitted this year.

Seasons follow a cycle and to a degree, I believe creativity follows its own seasons too. I needed my own creative heatwave to remember what it’s like to feel excited about the process again and to be reminded revision is only one of the many seasons that creates a story.

How does it work for you? Is writing seasonal?

Love and light,

Anushka xx

2013 Writing Goals: Designing Life With Words

People with goals succeed, because they know where they’re going

-Earl Nightingale


Twenty12  easily was the most productive writing year I have  ever had, with most of that hard earned magic happened during the second half of the year (first half was all about surviving the incredible experience that is acting school). I have a good feeling  Twenty13 will be just as productive, if not more! Imagine what one can accomplish when they use the entire year from the start?

I am a big believer in goal setting, I’m not going to lie…more often that not my goals are really ambitious and don’t take into account the other things I to do in life. When I’m on a roll creatively I also have the tendency to throw the whole healthy concept of Balance out the window. Something I hope to avoid this year.

So this year I’m tweaking the way I set goals for the year. I have separated them into compartments such as writing, travel and health and gone a step further and broken those big goals down into mini goals month-by-month. Some months are flexible and not set in stone ( hello, I’m a panster! I can barely plot the first 5 scenes of a book let alone goal set for 12 months!). It’s refreshing and comforting to see how my year will be made up, especially in regards to my writing pursuits, without feeling the need to cram everything into a month and have everything done now, now, now.

Below, I have shared my overall writing goals and my month target for January.

2013   writing goals

–         Complete edits of current WIP Dancing Peregrine

–         Outline Peregrine Series (Quartet)

–         3 First Drafts

i)      Peregrine_Book2

ii)     Project_Circus

iii)     Untitled – something fresh, new and exciting!

–         2 Revised Novels (not including current WIP)

i)      Peregrine_Book2

ii)    Project_Circus

–         Complete Editing & Proofreading  Course (via correspondence)

–         Read 24 Novels 


1. Proofreading and Editing Book 1 and assignment

2. Part 1 & Part 2 Edits: Dancing Peregrine


Part of me is excited and slightly mortified that I will be putting myself through TWO revisions this year (not including the one I’m currently on). But as my writing improves with every draft, I live in the hopes that editing will become a skill (not a chore) I improve with over time and practice. I’m actually groaning right now, but hey, positive thinking never hurts anyone right?

I love hearing about what motivates everyone so feel free to share what Twenty13 has in store for you. You are also welcome to share a link back to your blog in the comments if you have done so already 🙂

Love and light,

Anushka xx