Creative Cleansing

You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way – Dr Seuss


As January comes rushing to a close I find myself surrounded by clutter. If anyone peeks into my house they will instantly see the signs of undomesticated chaos. The neatest person in this residence is the puppy so that should give you an idea of how messy I am. When I was younger messiness was all about individual self-expression and attitude. As a writer, I convinced myself it is about the creative process…but it’s not. It’s mental clutter. I know some people clean as a form of procrastination and possibly even therapy, but since that concept has never come naturally to me and the fact that I am voluntarily thinking about it now tells me creatively, I need to do some serious cleansing for the year ahead.

The space around me feels cluttered and so does my brain. I’m also getting married in less than three weeks and I would like to clean this space so the Martha Stewart I magically transform into after I say I Do does not judge me. New slate, new chapter…why not? It’s not like I’m trying to become a mermaid or give up chocolate. I just need to de-clutter a bit.

Okay, a lot.

In less than a week January will officially be gone. While the year is still new now is the perfect time to set the cushions right, dust the frames, actually put photographs in frames (What can I say, people give me lots of frames) and organise all that mess I was going to do later.

For the following few days my life will all be about cleansing this space. Feel free to share any tips, or feel sorry for the fact that while you are doing something cool, I will be cleaning.

Happy Australia Day to me.

Love and light,

Anushka xx


6 thoughts on “Creative Cleansing

  1. I am a messy person. Just ask my husband! I have learned one thing about cleaning – it can be very liberating. Cleaning gives you a feeling of control over your immediate space, and that translates into the wider field of your life! While you’re sorting, washing, and wiping, your mind has time to spin its web. My muse has been known to visit during this mental down time.

    Now, if I could just take my own advice!

    Also, have a wonderful wedding day and best wishes!

  2. I tend to do cleaning in bursts, usually when there are people coming to visit. We have been known to invite my father-in-law for lunch just to force us to clean and declutter (and de-cobweb) the house. I am completely useless at de-cluttering. Unless things have a proper home (like the kids toys or kitchen utensils) I freeze when faced with a pile of stuff. Luckily my husband adores decluttering so we work as a team: he clears, I clean.
    It’s stupid because I love the house when it is tidy. I feel calmer and more at peace with the universe. I can sit and stare at a clean room and just get positive vibes from it. But I have to have a reason to do it. I can’t clean for the sake of it, it all gets messy again too quickly!

  3. I’ve been setting a time limit on the cleaning lately. Like everything else in my life, I have a tendency to get carried away with it!
    Just think about how long it took your home to get this way, and how long before you will have to tackle this project again. 🙂

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