My Writing Space


A disorganized mess.

It shouldn’t have come as a  complete surprise that my writing space morphed into a state of utter chaos, but I was.


I have no idea where all these candles came from

February was a month of everything for me, but try as I might I do not recall leaving my favorite place in the house in such a state. It may not look as bad in the pictures –  but that’s because I decided against posting photographs of the floor. My theory is that the study was used as a rubbish room when I was away in New Zealand so the rest of the house looked spotless for our friend who was house sitting and taking care of the not-so-little puppy.


Reading material I was excited to purchase while overseas…true bibliophile.

I’m not quite sure where I left off in my revision, but instead of being daunted I am actually looking forward to getting lost in my WIP again. I am ready for this baby to be polished and submission ready so I can work on other simmering projects!

But first, I need to clear out some of the random junk that has appeared…everywhere.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek.

Love and light,

Anushka xx



My Writing Space 


12 thoughts on “My Writing Space

  1. I periodically blitz my desk otherwise it does become a ‘dumping’ ground for all sorts of non-writing debris. The family seem to think because it is a desk it needs paperwork of all descriptions left on it!
    Enjoy the tidying and getting back to your WIP.

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