Finding My Creature in Images


After a long break from the WIP I needed to bribe myself with a little reward


Fresh flowers always make me happy, the more vases I fill the better!


My first day back to work was painful, but seeing the sunrise made me appreciate the beauty in the moment 🙂


Catching up on some proofreading and editing assignments and looked up to see this. I love all the things in this picture. It captures the creativity (and coffee) I want my life to be filled with.


A creative dinner date at home with my husband. I just love being a wife.


My favorite picture of the week. I was so exhausted and almost didn’t take her out for a walk but I am so glad I did, she loved it 🙂

Love and Light,

Anushka xx


6 thoughts on “Finding My Creature in Images

  1. just found your blog and definitely following! nice job seducing your muse…now get to it! love the approach your taking in your most recent post. taking charge of your time is crucial for an artist. good luck!

    • Hi I’m glad you find something you like in the blog. I just had a browse through yours and I quite like what you are doing with yours…so definitely following back 😉 ps- Funnily enough, after writing about my revision funk I have actually been quite productive with my time…finally!

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