My Writing Space


My creative messy space

It may not be your day, but it can still be your year – Unknown

Just a quick post. There have been a few distraction over the last week which has made me reflect on what is important to me. I vowed to be more selfish with my time so I can achieve the goals I want to achieve and grow into the writer I hope to be.

I want my life to be filled with inspiring people and I want to look back on this year and be proud of the work I have done.

I hope all of you have a wonderful and productive start to the week!

Love and Light,

Anushka xx


A writing related art project I’ll post about later in the week


I love the smell of fresh flowers in my office ❤


8 thoughts on “My Writing Space

  1. It’s always interesting to see other writers spaces. For me I have to have lots of light and everything in its place – OCD? I regularly re-organize and file so that I do not have clutter that way I’m not distracted. I found I had to ‘train’ my family into letting me write – now they see I’m happier they are more prone to leave me alone. Happy writing

    • I’m a clutter queen! haha But when I get really stuck then I procrastinate and everything is suddenly spotless – including the rest of the house.It’s nice every now and again to work on projects with a clean, fresh slate though! That’s great that your family have been ‘trained.’ I think everyone who drops by my house has been ‘trained’ not to read my notes let along glance in the direction of my study!

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