Spring Reflections & Writing Goals

The best time to set up a new discipline is when the idea is strong

– Jim Rohn

In Australia, the first glimmer of spring has arrived.  The warm breeze, the feeble rays of sunshine and the appearance of flowers waiting to bloom are signs winter is leaving us behind. It feels like only yesterday I was reminiscing about what I love about the cold, and I can’t help but feel a tiny bit sad about this change.

I’m not going to lie, I am a little bit jealous of the pumpkin spice happiness most of you will be experiencing to celebrate all things fall. Okay, very jealous. It wasn’t until I lived in Vancouver did I understand this phenomenon. When Starbucks was going pumpkin spice crazy, I was a complete snob and utterly bewildered by this craze. Who on earth would want such a horrifying combination? But during a moment of homesickness and missing my mother, I purchased my first one and fell in love. I knew if she was in Vancouver with me she’d be ordering them like crazy, because pumpkin and all things spice, are probably her two most favourite things right there – her children a close third, fourth and fifth.  Reading in the rain amongst the hustle and bustle of Starbucks with a pumpkin spiced latte in hand helped me feel closer to home and those I love.

With the change of seasons I tend to reflect on the past and remember beautiful memories I didn’t realise I missed. I  also evaluate my goals and I thought it would be fun to share them here.

1.    Complete my 2nd revision and edits for Dancing Peregrine by the end of October 2014. This will mark one year since I finished my first rewrite. I can’t believe I left a big gap between revisiting it, but life had other plans and countries to explore and I wouldn’t change any of it. It has been an amazing journey of growth and dramatic changes and I have finally learned to respect the journey instead of fighting it.

2.    Write query letter and begin researching suitable agents. I have been putting this off for too long.  I’m sure I am not alone in this.

3.    Submit Dancing Peregrine by the end of the year. That said, it needs to feel ready and not rushed. I’m also going to constantly remind myself to enjoy the process.

4.    Enter NaNoWriMo! Words cannot begin to explain how badly I want to do this. The thrill of experiencing first draft mania has not been experienced in a long time (2.5 years?). Regardless of whether Dancing Peregrine is completed or not, I will be doing this. I need a new story and a new world. Another creative spark needs to be ignited.

Even though I don’t get to experience pumpkin spiced lattes, maybe I’m feeling a little bit excited by what the rest of the year has in store for me creatively.

What are your goals for the changing of the season?

Love and light,

Anushka xx


8 thoughts on “Spring Reflections & Writing Goals

  1. I am totally with you on this journey, lady!!! haha… I had to giggle a little when you said you looooved the pumpkin spiced stuff at Starbucks! 🙂 It’s pretty amazing, right? Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. While I was in Australia, my Mom actually sent me letters with autumn leaves included. Nice touch, right? haha…

    I love your goals!!!
    It will be exciting. I am totally here for ya and am running this race right beside ya! 😀 Thanks again for having my on your blog on Monday! 😀

    • Ohhhh…. and my goals for the season are… Finish my rewrite, send the book to my awesome critique partner and beta readers after that. I am also going to start on my query letter and pitch. (These two actually frighten me a lot.) I mean, how do you place soooo many words that make up a story into a sentence? Crazy… I say! 😀 But WE CAN DOOOO IT!

    • I love that we’ve been able to connect and share this creative journey of madness!haha Still devastated I can’t satisfy my pumpkin spice latte cravings!!! Have heaps and take photos so I can pretend I’m having them too haha Love the idea of putting leaves in letter, such a great way of giving you a piece of home 🙂 xx

      ps- Sorry for delayed reply!!!

  2. You’re talking about spring, and I’m waiting for fall. I’m tired of the hot weather. After the first cold snap, I’ll be ready for spring. As for NaNoWriMo, I can’t wait. I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head, and I have other projects that need to be finished. I need to get to it.

    And I think I’ll add visit Australia to my list of things to do. Just for the heck of it. I just don’t know about the flight over. Never been on a airplane before.

    • It will be a long flight, but if you love to read/write/watch movies should be a piece of cake 😀 Plus, Australia will be the BESTEST destination, not that I’m biased, ha. What other projects do you have on the go? If I recall correctly you will be self publishing some stuff?

  3. This is so cool–because just before I read your post I was standing at Starbucks, at the Seattle Airport (pretty close to Vancouver!) no less, contemplating the pumpkin spice latte myself. I just might have to grab one before I hop on the plane back to Chicago!
    NaNoWriMo has become somewhat of a fall ritual for me, with the Muse offering up ideas for the story about September, and my scene cards and characters ready to rock by November 1. So that’s on my agenda this year again for sure. 🙂
    I like your October 2014 deadline. I was getting a little frustrated with the idea that my ‘re-revision’ will take me into 2014 but knowing that I’m not alone makes it okay.
    And you know who to call if you ever need a beta reader. 😉

    • I will be calling, don’t you worry 😉 I can’t seem to get pumpkin spiced lattes out of my head, all my friend from the States and Canada keep of posting about it and I’m pretty sure they are out there trying to make me jealous! haha It’s funny how you don’t realise how much you LOVE something until you can’t have it anymore. I can attempt to recreate it I suppose but that’s a kitchen disaster waiting to happen right there!

      I love how NaNo is a fall ritual for some, a blazing spring heat/ almost summer for others. That’s probably why I think I can only write first drafts in the summer because I associate it with NaNo. Look forward to hearing about your NaNo project – I’m getting enticing snippets and I’m dying to know more!

      The lightning will strike…soon hopefully 🙂

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