Do Something That Makes You Feel Pretty Everyday

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements

– Napoleon Hill

The world of writing is beautiful one.




There are days when the words flow and revision comes easy. There are also plenty of ‘those days.’ You know, the ones where housework looks like lots of fun.

Then of course, there are the days writers forget to, you know, shower.

I recently met up with a friend I haven’t seen in years. We have a habit of travelling and relocating to different countries, and it wasn’t until she had a baby we were finally able to meet. (Not that it’s stopped her from going overseas since). When I walked into the café to meet with my long-lost friend, I could not believe how amazing she looked. She didn’t have a face full of makeup or anything like that, but there was something.

We got talking and she told me the best advice she was ever given by a mother was to do something little everyday to make yourself look pretty. Feel human. That little something could be simple as wearing lipstick or changing out of your pyjamas in the morning.

This revelation immediately got me thinking about my own lifestyle. I may not be a mother, but a lot of my life is based at home. The advantage (and peril) of being your own boss AND a writer. So naturally, it is quite easy for me to look like someone who was born in a bin, fell out of a bin, or simply…is a bin. Okay, the last one didn’t make any sense but you get my drift.

Since meeting my beautiful friend I have since adjusted a few things in my life. I make it a priority to shower and get ready for the day as soon as I wake up. I never wear my pjs when I write, preferring to save that for cosy Sundays watching my favourite movies or being huddled under a blanket reading a book. The difference it has made to my mental state is incredible!

I no longer look like a hobo, or feel like one.

Now, if only I brushed my hair every now and again.

What do you do everyday to make yourself feel pretty or even the tiniest bit human?

Love and light,

Anushka xx


6 thoughts on “Do Something That Makes You Feel Pretty Everyday

  1. It is all too easy to fall into the groove of not caring about appearance (which is admirable enough in its way) and then becoming really sluttish. I’ve felt the temptation many times when I am on my own for a while – no one to cook for, no one to dress up for, just writing to get done.,, And that’s how you become agoraphobic, depressed and overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning and tidying that you have to do (and unhealthy, etc.). Perhaps not quite what you had in mind with ‘prettiness’, but it all seems linked to me with self-respect.

    • You’re right, you definately owe it to yourself to feel human. I’ve gone through stages where, for some unexplainable reason, I thought I had to sacrifice all the ‘prettiness’ to get all things related to my WIP done.. But hello, it doesn’t take that long to clear up a bit of mess and clutter. Plus, the way you feel afterwards? Amazing! Makes me wonder how I manage to forget that time to time and repeat the hobo cycle again. (Definately admirable). Hopefully not this time round though!

  2. You mean I should write in something than my Hello, Kitty sweatshirt and comfy socks? 😉
    But you’re right! Feeling human includes clearing off my disheveled workspace once in a while and eating vegetables along with my warmed up pizza …Even the Muse gets tired of my slothful exterior world, and I think you hit the nail on the head when you say that inner beauty should spill over onto the outside as well.

  3. Even on my days off, I dress in street clothes. Always. (Of course we’re talking about jeans, t-shirts, and boots here. This is Colorado, after all.) I keep the house up and my desk is usually not a really horrifying rat-hole. But, something special? What makes me think of beauty, what makes me feel actually – well – pretty? Tonight, before I sat down to tackle chapter two/first draft, I put on perfume. (Last time I did that was so long ago I can’t remember.) And, it worked. I wrote the first meeting of my two destined-for-love POV characters. Thanks for the inspiration:) I’ll keep wearing perfume. I’d forgotten how lovely it is.

    • Awww…this made me smile! Perfume is magic isn’t it? Sometimes I will smell a long forgotten scent on someone else and it would transport me to a memory I had when I used to wear it. It’s amazing how one little thing can change the way you feel and hold yourself without realising. Who knows, the added touch of perfume might stir a memory in years to come about chapters you wrote once upon a time ago 🙂

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