If you work at it hard enough, you can grind an iron rod into a needle

– Chinese Proverb


Day 1: NaNoWriMo


It’s DAY TWO of NaNoWriMo in Australia. The sun is shining, the air feels  like spring and I am aware that many of you have easy access to spice pumpkin lattes going into fall – and I don’t.

I will be documenting my writing space in photographs on instagram everyday. At the moment the desk isn’t too cluttered,  but I  already spy accumulating cups of tea from the corner of my eye. Once I pull out my Dancing Peregrine edits, there is no saving this space!  If anyone else would like to join me in documenting the process in pictures, let me know, and I’ll have a sneak peak during the obligatory procrastination session.

So what did I do in preparation for NaNoWriMo?

*insert guilty panster silence here*

That said, I did have a beautiful spark for an idea which has captured my sweet black heart involving cyborgs, assassins and pirates. I am quite curious and excited to see where this NaNo adventure takes me since it is very different from my current WIP which is about all things haunted, ballerinas and dark magic. Love.

I have found Pinterest to be a great inspiration tool in my outlining  ‘pretend plotting’ stage. Before every session I open up the boards, drink in the visual essence and seeds of inspiration  and dive straight in. I know the plotters out there are cringing a little bit, but I know the magic happens in the revision stages for me.

For those of you doing NaNo, my username is findingmycreature. Would love to connect with you there too  – always exciting to see everyone’s progress – especially since it’s easy to forget real people actually exist outside of your head.

What did you do to prepare for NaNo?

Love and light,

Anushka xx


6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. I decided not to do NaNo this year as I have too much on already. So why do I have a new folder on my laptop called ‘NaNo13’? Lol. I love the idea of starting something new and shiny, even though I have four or five unfinished manuscripts from previous years! I’ve only actually managed to complete one NaNo story…
    Looking forward to hearing your progress! 🙂

    • I had to reread your comment to make sure you said you WEREN’T doing NaNo this year haha I know what you mean, the call of shiny new ideas are hard to resist – and tend to come when you should be doing something else! I’m really looking forward to this NaNo because I’ve been working on the same thing for the past 2 years at least (with gaps)…so ready for a fresh world while bring the revisions to a close 🙂 ps- Look forward to following your progress! Less than two months for your 365 day challenge! Crazy!

  2. I love the idea of watching this unfold in pictures!

    I’m also a pantser so completely get where you’re coming from and had not a single cringe moment.

    I also can’t do NaNo because I’m in the middle of edits so wouldn’t be able to give it my all. I was intending to do it. Maybe next year.

    Good luck!

    • Hi Rebecca (AKA Fellow panster), good luck with the edits! I know how you feel, I wanted to do NaNo last year but then decided to concentrate on my edits. I still have edits to do, but I’m going to fit in a cheeky NaNo fix on the side. In theory, the extra work will help me be more organise and procrastinate less. We shall see though! haha

  3. I’m in, of course. Since I just finished a different first draft, I have very little in the way of scene cards or character bios. No matter! I’m a pantser through and through, and will have to learn how to clean stuff up in revision. 🙂
    Happy writing!

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