30 Before 30 List


My 30 before turning 30 list

Become a published author
Be self-employed
Swim with whale sharks in Western Australia
Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Go vegan for one month
Learn to ride a motorbike
Hold a tarantula
Throw an amazing 5 course dinner party without giving people food poisoning
Dive in the great Barrier Reef
Visit the Daintree Forest
Learn Spanish
Take up photography
Visit a haunted house
Backpack Cambodia and Laos
Do a volunteer abroad program overseas where the funds actually go towards the community (open to suggestions)
Do the 30 day bikram yoga challenge
Shower under a waterfall
Make a snow angel 
Watch a lightning storm at sea
Make my own little Indie film
Ride a camel across a sandy desert
Go on a road trip without making any plans
Pick a random book in a second hand bookshop and read it on a weekend away
Travel on the Trans Siberian railway
Learn how to surf
See the Northern Lights
Spend New Year’s in an exotic location
Actively promote literacy for underprivileged children
Buy my mother a dozen red roses for no reason to say I love you



11 thoughts on “30 Before 30 List

  1. Fellow blogger…as I’m new to the blogosphere, is it bad manners if I also put my 30 before 30 list on my blog? I’ve had one for a long time, then saw yours on your page, and thought “that’s a great idea!”. Don’t want to create any tension between a fellow young travelling blogger doing time in Vancouver haha….

  2. Thanks for following my blog . . . hopped on over & of course couldn’t resist your list. Looks like you have 18 Things + 12:-) I had my characters going to a haunted house in my first version, but it was cut. I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to try it, but my aunt’s house is over 100yrs old and has been in our family the entire time, and we hear things stomping up and down the stairs all the time when we’re sitting in the living room. Spooky! I never spend the night there when I visit Michigan, lol

  3. Really cool site and great list! I wish I had enough time before 30 to accomplish all of that. Right now I’m coming up to the wire! I’ve done other things, though, and have realized there *is* life after 30. I want my whole life to be part of the show… Thanks for stopping by my site, btw. I’m following yours, too!

  4. No.9 – “throw an amazing 5 course dinner party without…”!!
    seriously… how did u come up with that?!
    i just hit follow the second i read it!

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