anushka.dhanapala (n)

(1.) Creature who masquerades as a human being while searching for monsters others cannot see underneath floorboards and cemeteries. In her spare time she dances

Avant Grante Jasminewith ghosts and makes deals with the cursed.

(2.) Rare monster that is unverifiable. Resumes many identities and  has never been photographed in its natural form. Believed to resume the shape of a woman. (3.) Omen seen during time of death.

Reported Sightings:

Twitter @A_Dhanapala




Finding My Creature is the lifestyle blog of writer Anushka Dhanapala. It is a place where words and imagery collide to create unexpected stories, beautiful prose and frightening realities…

Living a creative life dares us to be brave. It forces us to push through fear and persevere through the shadow into the light. It allows us to see beauty, to embrace nightmares and truly feel.

Finding My Creature was created to capture and inspire like-minded artists who dance in the world of words, art and life.

Be brave. Live life. Be frightened.

Capture the creature within.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the colour in your heading 🙂
    And how interesting that you describe your creature/muse as ‘a beautiful, vicious thing…’
    I’m a little scared of my muse. She’s a feisty creature, lovely to look at in a way, she likes wearing leather and has a small dagger about her person and…I’m a little scared of her and what she might get me to do.
    We’re working on it. I hope you get to know your creature well and that you do great things together. Good luck!

  2. I see you have received a nomination recently – I too would like to nominate you for the Liebster Award. I know they take time to accept so don’t feel obliged. I just wanted to share your blog with everyone who follows mine!

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