Scene #8 Done!

A novel is a rare place you can simultaneously find yourself and lose yourself – Stephen Parolini 

fallen ballerina

Scene #8 Inspiration

This scene officially gave me biopolar.

In the first draft this scene was rather clean and one that I loved. So I went into it – rather stupidly – thinking that revising this scene will be a breeze! RUBBISH! I had put so much pressure on myself to make this scene dazzle and sparkle. Since this scene was already pretty much in tact, I didn’t have much to do which then made me paranoid. Maybe I was cutting a corner and not giving it justice? Or maybe I was just missing something important hence the fact it did not take me that long? Maybe the WHOLE DAMN THING WAS JUST STUPID TO BEGIN WITH.

I should obviously delete it and burn all remaining evidence.

I should feed it to the cat.

I should get a cat so I could feed it to the cat.

Amazing what a goodnights sleep and distance can do 🙂

I printed the scene out and read it like a ‘reader’ would. And I surprisingly enjoyed it. It wasn’t even as bad as my head made it seem.

This revision is turning me into a crazy woman.

But I can happily say 1756 words revised.

Ever had any of these scenes that make you question your mental sanity?

Love and light,

Anushka xx