Ugh. Times like this I wish I was a hardcore plotter.

I did something today. I looked over my first draft. Now i think I’m on the verge of a full blown panic attack! How will I ever transform this train wreck into a glowing finished piece of work? There are plot holes in it that even I don’t know how to fix. I knew upon entering the revision phase that there would be tears, frustration, hopelessness, excitement…a whole cocktail of emotion that makes you grateful for the people in your life who do ‘get you’ and your unsuspecting moods. But right now, I feel like I might die. I’m not being melodramtic here, I think I justĀ might.

*Deep breaths*

Now I shall go to the gym to run off some of this anxiety and pray that this book will become everything I know it can be without turning into a complete mess.

Has anyone experienced this? Feeling so overwhelmed you can barely breath?